Art by caf
caf courtney frederiksen
She weaves flowers in the moonlight. They keep it safe in the deepest seas, and with it they can see all. In coral the little fish dart, flashes of blue. She sits, waiting in the park. Apart from all else, but a witness to all. Cover illustration, a progression through History Cover illustration for Geography How the goats were killing the turtles, and how we destoyed them all. 'She' CD cover art, a girl sits on a rock in the middle of the ocean, waves crashing, hair wipping in the wind. Legal Studies cover illustrations A boy's bedroom, toys around, young boy on a laptop. They fish. There is only two. Are there fish? We shall see. Tot in a bot. ‘comfortable in my skin’, weaving art. His face is a map of where he is from. Toby from the Labyrinth is on a waltz with one crazy puppet Why so blue, little girl?